enjoy beautiful sunsets over the ocean at airmanis hillside retreat padang west sumatra

Prime location
ocean view & out door activities
on the edge of the city

Air Manis Hillside Retreat is easily accessible from the city, 10min drive from Siti Nurbaya Bridge along a scenic road, you will reach the same Siti Nurbaya Bridge and the city restaurants walking down the hill through a shady and bucolic neighbourhood, 20min walk.

We can pick you up at Padang Minangkabau International Airport, 45min drive and we can drop you off at the Mentawai Fast Ferry harbor in a short while, only 10minutes drive

Air Manis Hillside Retreat benefits from many nearby activities, let’s hike the local tracks up and down the hill, let’s learn surfing down the hill enjoying some very safe beach breaks, let’s paraglide from up the hill, early afternoon one light breeze usually offers perfect flying conditions.