West Sumatra is one of the most beautiful areas of Indonesia! It’s mountainous, divided by three valleys, there are lovely lakes and spectacular volcanoes, and local culture is very lively.Hit the road, car rental with driver is available.



1night in Harau Valley

Hotel to Hotel

Rent our car

our driver/guide drives you there

Departure 9/10am

Back 7/8pm

Lunches included


Around Mount Marapi, hilly, green, still lively and authentic, waterfalls along the way, exhilarating, the Tandikat, the Singgalang, the Marapi, the Sago volcanoes, the cities of Padang Panjang, Bukittinggi, Payakumbuh, the Harau Valley of course, Batusangkar, vous etes au pays des Mingakabau!

A glimpse at the one week road trip around West Sumatra