Mentawai Tribes

Our guide will lead you to the heart of this heavy spiritual semi-nomadic people. Get ready for as much authenticity as you have ever imagined, some trip of a life time. Some of us would worry that the Essence is soon to be over, it is not. These Tribes South of Siberut keep on living…
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surf in mentawai islands with air manis hillside retreat padang west sumatra

Budget Surfing Trips in Mentawai

Over the last years, we have been developing closed partnerships with many budget surf camps. HT’s, Macaronis, Rifles, Kandui and all their sisters are all waiting for you! When it comes to organizing surf trips or stays in the Mentawai’s then we definitely know what we are doing. We were among the first ones back…
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the Surf Charter for Mentawai Waves

Wave Hunter’s Delight: Discovering the Best Surf Charters in Mentawai Surf enthusiasts worldwide dream of riding the pristine waves of Mentawai, and one place that stands out for an unforgettable experience is the Air Manis Hillside Resort. In this article, we’ll delve into the allure of surf charters in Mentawai and explore how Air Manis…
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