Through the upper hills to these beautiful three lakes and the Talang volcano, it’s always cool there, tea plantations on the way, still authentic and so scenic!

road day trip to singkarak diatas dibawah lakes with air manis hillside retreat padang west sumatra


1,2,3,4 persons

Hotel to Hotel

Diatas Dibawah and Singkarak  

Rent our car

our driver/guide drives you there

Departure 7/8/9 am

Lunch included


These twin lakes and their smallest brother, the Talang lake, surely the wildest, nestled down the Talang volcano

You can drive around the Diatas lake, wide and open, you will need little more than an hour, the road is in good condition

The Dibawah lake to the contrary, set amidst cliffs, is really worth the ride! Less than an hour.

It’s usually way cooler than Padang, this is the veggies growing area that feeds this city, local life is very lively, it seems time has stopped

If you left early enough from Padang, the Singkarak Lake and its bucolic western bank, sparkling along the road as the sun sets